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Fun with WordFriends


Learn letters, letter sounds and word families while experiencing the lush settings of WordWorld along with Dog, Duck, Frog and Pig. Parents can watch their children’s progress and help guide them toward greater letter and word knowledge. The app includes three games:

  • Word Fishing with Frog and Duck: collect letters floating in the pond to make words. This game teaches basic letter recognition.
  • Dog’s Letter Fetch: help Dog fetch letters laying all around his house to build words, based on the letter sounds each letter makes.
  • Windy Words with Pig: find families of words that start with the same letter to clean up his barnyard.

For each game you play, you’ll earn a fun WordThing sticker to use to make your own WordWorld pictures in My Word Space. And some words you will build will also collect videos from the TV show!

Learn with WordFriends


Build and discover words with all of your favorite characters: Dog, Duck, Sheep, Ant, Bear, Pig and Frog. Learn with WordFriends delivers hours of fun with three puzzles to play:

  • WordRain: grab letters as they fall from the sky and put them in the appropriate place to build the word object!
  • WordScramble: Rearrange the scrambled letters in the proper order to spell the word object!
  • WordMatch: A tile memory game – fun for all ages!

In addition to spelling and memorypuzzles, there is the WordFriends Farm where you can interact with all of the WordFriends – play with them and watch what happens!

This app is a great English Language Learning tool with support for several languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

More Games on PBS KIDS

Meet the WordFriends and enjoy activities with each including interactive games and printable coloring sheets.


Nokia Windows Mobile

It’s time to Build A Word! Shake up this “Word Builder” and watch letters float across the screen. Place letters in the outline provided and build a word one letter at a time. By pushing the letters of each word together, words will magically “morph” into WordFriends! DOG, DUCK, PIG, ANT, FROG, SHEEP, BUG, COW, CAT, and BEE come to life and engage children to build their early literacy skills.

Duck’s Alphabet

Play fun games.
Learn letters and their sounds.
Get ready to read.

Interactive Episodes

Happy Birthday Dog


A touchable television version of the episode “Happy Birthday, Dog!” It’s Dog’s birthday and all his friends in WordWorld are planning a surprise party. Help the WordFriends collect all the supplies for Dog’s party! Includes 8 interactive scenes where you can interact with the story and characters.

Pirate Ship


An interactive version of the episode “Pirate Ship.” Sheep, Duck, and Shark find a message in a bottle. Like hearty pirates, follow the clues on the treasure map to rhyme your way across the WordWorld sea. Includes 11 touchable television scenes where you are a part of the story!

Superhero Sheep


A touchable television version of the episode “Superhero Sheep.” With your help, Sheep becomes a superhero, saving the day with the letter “S!” But even superheroes need help sometimes – it’s up to you to save Sheep! Includes 8 interactive scenes where you help move the story forward.

A Christmas Present for Dog


An interactive version of the episode “A Christmas Present for Dog.” Something is wrong with Dog’s present from Santa! Discover the giving spirit and help save Dog’s Christmas! Includes 13 interactive scenes where you can bring holiday cheer to WordWorld.

Interactive Books

The Big Race

Nokia Windows Mobile

In this eBook, Pig, Sheep, Duck and Frog set out to race to Mystery Island. Who will win? Each WordFriend™ builds a word to help them go faster and win the race. But none of their WordThings™—a car, truck, scooter or bike—can help them cross the water. What word must they build to win the race?

Totally Terrific Duck

Nokia Windows Mobile

It’s Picture Day in WordWorld, and Duck wants to look totally terrific, which is the best a duck can look. Sure, Bug looks terrific in his tie, Frog in his top hat, and Sheep in her tutu…but what is right for Duck? Help Duck build the words to make him look totally terrific—in his own special way!

Duck’s First Sleepover

In this eBook, Duck is so excited to attend his first sleepover party at Dog’s house. But when it comes time to actually sleep, Duck can’t find anything to sleep in that is “just right” for a duck. What will he do?

Snug as a Bug

It’s nighttime in WordWorld, but Bug can’t sleep. And when Bug can’t sleep, Frog can’t sleep, either. Frog must help Bug find just the right thing to sleep in that will make him feel snug. Until they can figure out the end of the rhyme, “snug as a bug in a . . .” no one will get much rest!

A Smile for Crocodile

In this eBook, when Duck accidentally builds a CROCODILE, he and Frog must figure out a way to make their new WordFriend™ happy. What can make a crocodile smile?