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The Big Race

In this eBook, Pig, Sheep, Duck and Frog set out to race to Mystery Island. Who will win? Each WordFriend™ builds a word to help them go faster and win the race. But none of their WordThings™—a car, truck, scooter or bike—can help them cross the water. What word must they build to win the race?

Totally Terrific Duck

It’s Picture Day in WordWorld, and Duck wants to look totally terrific, which is the best a duck can look. Sure, Bug looks terrific in his tie, Frog in his top hat, and Sheep in her tutu…but what is right for Duck? Help Duck build the words to make him look totally terrific—in his own special way!

Duck’s First Sleepover

In this eBook, Duck is so excited to attend his first sleepover party at Dog’s house. But when it comes time to actually sleep, Duck can’t find anything to sleep in that is “just right” for a duck. What will he do?

Snug as a Bug

It’s nighttime in WordWorld, but Bug can’t sleep. And when Bug can’t sleep, Frog can’t sleep, either. Frog must help Bug find just the right thing to sleep in that will make him feel snug. Until they can figure out the end of the rhyme, “snug as a bug in a . . .” no one will get much rest!

A Smile for Crocodile

In this eBook, when Duck accidentally builds a CROCODILE, he and Frog must figure out a way to make their new WordFriend™ happy. What can make a crocodile smile?