Meet the WordFriends


Photo of Duck

I’m the youngest WordFriend in WordWorld so I’m still learning my letters, but I sure can quack everybody up! “Quack up”–get it? Some WordFriends might call me silly, but I just like to have fun– anywhere, anytime! Sure, sometimes I’m too loud, and sometimes I forget to think before I “flap,” but I can always count on my best buddy Frog to help me out of trouble.


Photo of Pig

Hi, I’m Pig. I’m the master chef of WordWorld, and I even star in my own cooking show. I love to show off how good I am at making the most delicious food words in WordWorld…what can I say? I’m a ham! And even though I can be very generous with my delicious treats, sometimes I just go hog wild and eat everything in sight! What can I say? I’m a pig! But I’m working on sharing.


Photo of Frog

In a word, I’m an expert. At everything. But especially at building words. I’m also an inventor, and I have a fantastic telescope that lets me see all over WordWorld…and beyond! I tend to be cautious, but somehow I still manage to find myself in silly situations…I think that has something to do with being friends with Duck.


Photo of Sheep

I’m not one to talk about myself, actually. I’m too shy for that. But I can tell you about all the things I like to pretend to be. Like a detective, or a princess, or even a super hero! The only thing I like more than pretending is helping my friends, especially when they are trying to sound out a word.


Photo of Dog

*Translation: I love letters! I keep them everywhere: in my house, buried in the yard, in my friend’s house… Ask me to fetch one, any one, to help build a word! Please! I’m game! Eager! Ready! Go!


Photo of Bear

Are you up for an adventure? Come on! We can play basketball, or paint, or maybe you’d like to see me do a trick on my skateboard! I’m up for it…in fact, I’m up for just about anything! I’m always willing to try something new. Or learn to build a new word.


Photo of Ant

Got a big job to do? Then I’m your WordFriend! I may be small, but I can handle a big load. Just ask Pig. I have to handle him all the time!