Parent Tips

Things to do with your child while watching WordWorld:

  1. Watch with your child! During viewing, talk with your child about what’s happening on screen. Ask questions about what might happen next. These questions are good for supporting your child’s comprehension.
  2. Play “I Spy” – “Who can spot the words in each segment?”
  3. Help your child identify the letters in the WordFriends (SHEEP, PIG, ANT, etc.) and WordThings (Barn, School, Bridge, etc.) in each episode.
  4. Reinforce your child’s learning by spelling words as you refer to them. For example, “Here comes S-H-E-E-P – sheep”.
  5. Make connections between things that are happening in the show and your child’s world. For example, if the show focuses on the letter “O” and your child’s name includes the letter “O”, point it out. The more you can tie in the learning that is taking place on screen with things that your child is familiar with, the better.
  6. Help your child to predict how the WordFriends will solve the problem in each episode: “What word do you think the WordFriends will build to solve the problem?”
  7. Have fun! Encourage your child to sing and dance along to the music!
  8. Learn and sing the “Build a Word” song with your child. You can create your own dance moves, too!

Things to do with your child after watching WordWorld:

  1. Ask your child what his favorite part of the story was. Share your favorite part as well.
  2. Help your child create a WordFriend! Spell out your child’s name, the name of a family member or friend, or the name of a pet, and make it into a WordFriend.
  3. Extend the learning from WordWorld after you and your child have watched a show. Point out things that you encounter during the day that relate to the letters, words, and social situations that you saw in the show. This can help reinforce and build upon the information that your child has viewed on WordWorld.
  4. When reading to your child (see WordWorld eBooks at /apps-and-games/), help your child identify the letters and words that were introduced in the WordWorld segments.