Printable Activities


WordScramble Fun Sheet: Part 2
WordScramble Fun Sheet: Part 1
What’s Different?
Solve the Riddle; Make a Rhyme
Connect the Letters
WordFind: WordThings That Go!
WordFind: PIG’s Fruit Salad
WordFind: Help Detective SHEEP
WordFind: The Letter B
WordFind: WordFriend Homes
Figure Out the Fun Fact!
Find the Letter Fun Sheet: Part 2
Find the Letter Fun Sheet: Part 1
Build a Flower
Crossword Puzzle: WordWorld Homes


Let’s Make a Match: Part 1
Let’s Make a Match: Part 2
MONKEY’s Driving Mania
Memory Matching Game
Supermarket Explorer: Build a Word
Supermarket Explorer: List Mix Up

Coloring Pages

WordThing Coloring Sheets Part 3
WordThing Coloring Sheets Part 2
WordThing Coloring Sheets Part 1
WordFriend Coloring Sheets Part 3
WordFriend Coloring Sheets Part 2
WordFriend Coloring Sheets Part 1